Social Media Marketing Intern

0TENTIC8 is a fintech/agtech startup aiming to revolutionise the agricultural supply chain. AgriLedger is our mobile application which provides integrated services for agricultural producers and cooperatives via a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that can be used anywhere to record every transaction along the supply chain. The platform also allows farmers to access a wide range of information such as seed provenance, fertilizers used and crop location. Each element would be authenticated and every piece of data across the supply chain will be stored on a DLT.


It has been proven that farmers with access to better farming techniques and financial services improve crop yields and the ability to manage sustainable businesses across economic cycles.  End consumers benefit from the transparency provided across the supply chain as DLT will provide a trusted trail of entire supply chain.  There are opportunities for stakeholders across the value chain, including farmers, suppliers, banks, and insurance companies.


We are an eclectic mix of experts, thinkers, writers and designers from all over the world united by our shared love for food and our excitement towards new technologies. We have an exciting working environment where we all contribute and learn from one another. We work the right kind of hard and support eachother.


You’re a smart recent grad interested in marketing and looking to jump in at the deep end. You’ve got some previous entrepreneurial experience and are keen to get stuck into something exciting. We want someone who has the motivation and drive to be part of something huge and is excited rather than intimidated by the challenge.

Must Haves:

A smart cookie, excited by new challenges!
An interest in technology and app marketing – community management, social – media, content marketing, blogs
You have a true passion for food!


Key responsibilities will include:

  • Building a ‘community’ around our vision and mission – we want people to love and shout about us.
  • Managing our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WeChat and other social channels
    engaging users.
  • Tracking events and conferences worldwide and provide help with organising attendance.
  • Aiding in conducting research to find engaging content and ideas for social media posts.
  • Constructing detailed processes for organizing and analysing data
  • Writing with strict attention to detail, grammar, expression and thoughtfulness

A bunch of other stuff that might come up, because after all, we’re starting this adventure and things don’t always go to plan!

Wherever possible, we will aim to offer this Intern a permanent role upon successful completion of their placement.

As an Intern, you will be exposed to a broad range of new marketing skills, including campaign creation, implementation, reporting and tracking of online social media campaigns.

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