Providing the Right Tools for the Participants

in the Agricultural Supply chain

Digital Identity

Without official identification, a person can struggle to access: Financial services, Social benefits, Healthcare, Education, Political and legal rights, Gender equality and Migration


Most farmers are operating at just 40% of their potential capacity access to information, farmers can now plan and harvest more effectively and gain access to market.

Immutable Data

The DLT solution provides immutable information providing trust and transparency
throughout the supply chain


Lack of traceability means tracking and recalling specific contaminated products throughout the supply chain impossible. With the DLT solution, each item can be traced from seed to consumer

Financial Services

Without financial access, many agricultural providers lose up to 50% of potential income. Farmers can prove their identity and income to gain access to financial institutions

Record Keeping

Farmers can use their digitized ledger for better record keeping and proof of income


AgriLedger works with companies, governments, non-profits and other organizations to address challenges on a worldwide scale.

TechUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today and the world that we will live in tomorrow
The DJ Hub fuels Jersey's digital ecosystem. It is also the physical & creative heart of our operations and our team in Jersey.
Godan helps support global efforts to make agricultural and
nutritionally relevant data globally available and unrestricted
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